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Visual Novels


RE:Alistair/RE:Alistair++ (Programming for Sakevisual)
The Reject Demon Toko (Programming for Lupiesoft)

In Production

Backstage Pass (Programming for Sakevisual)
Dizzy Hearts (Writing for Lupiesoft)
Nicole: Yuri Edition (Project Management for Winter Wolves)
Unannounced VN (Programming for TBA)

RPG Books


Age Past (Fiction Writer and Associate Designer for Strangelet Machine Games)

In Production

Age Past Addendum (Fiction Writer and Associate Editor for Strangelet Machine Games)

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Really well worth a watch. Highly recommend it. I don't agree 100% with it (Mostly over the Hero's Shade part) but… https://t.co/i6LCtKK4lp
RT @phenixryte23: And here's some more. https://t.co/GuZXJi5JxH
RT @phenixryte23: I feel like I need to post work so here's a bunch of non-nude patreon sketches from last year that I like. https://t.co/V

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